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Benefits of a WCOWMA-CFIB Group Partnership

WCOWMA is considering a partnership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), a non-profit, 48 year-old organization supporting independent Canadian business.

WCOWMA members would have access to all the programs and services that CFIB provides to the 110,000 businesses that are members of the Federation, including:

1. Access to CFIB Savings Programs that typically save members $5000 per year or more, such as:
– “Tier 1” MasterCard interchange rate of 1.27
– Chase payment processing with the best all-in rates on Visa and Amex
– Northbridge Insurance & Legal Assist program
– Up to 50% off ShipTime Courier
– 40% off Payworks payroll services
– PrimaSure low cost employee benefits programs
– 20% off Scotiabank banking services
– Average $1000 savings with Selectcom telecommunication services
– 20% off QuickBooks online
– 50% off CyberImpact automated marketing  

2. Complimentary, unlimited access to CFIB Business Counsellors who can assist with almost any business issue, reducing admin workload and liability risk, especially in the areas of HR & employment standards, dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency, government compliance and regulation. CFIB can replace costly HR services for free!

3. Empowering members to voice their concerns to all levels of government on bottom line issues, and lobbying efforts that save businesses thousands of dollars every year by forestalling and reversing unfair taxation & red tape initiatives.

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