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Onsite Wastewater
Management Association

Onsite Wastewater
Management Association

Serving Saskatchewan Since 2008

The SOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management of Saskatchewan (SOWMA) is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to support its member authorized persons in providing safe and effective wastewater management for landowners. We do this by delivering in-class and field training opportunities for onsite practitioners, providing networking and learning opportunities for industry stakeholders, forging positive relationships with local and provincial regulators, and educating the public. SOWMA’s operating budget is entirely funded through its programs and membership fees.



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Guidance documents for work camps/drill sites.

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Our Vision & Mission


Supporting members in the provision of safe and effective onsite wastewater management for Saskatchewan and the environment.


SOWMA leads the industry in providing accessible and practical training for onsite wastewater practitioners, and championing for a regulatory environment that allows practitioners to succeed through the responsible provision of onsite wastewater management for Saskatchewan landowners.

What We Do

SOWMA provides accessible, quality and recognized in-class education for onsite wastewater practitioners and other professionals, delivers practical in-field training sessions, hosts an annual onsite wastewater industry convention, communicates broadly to its stakeholders on issues that affect their businesses, advocates to local and provincial governments for reasonable standards and regulations that harmonize the needs of industry and the public, and educates landowners on proper practices for caring for their onsite wastewater system.


We operate and communicate in manners that foster trust and respect in all aspects of our industry.

We are straightforward and honest in our communication with all stakeholders.

We champion equitable and fair treatment for all members.

We welcome all stakeholders who wish to support efforts toward the betterment of the industry.

We empathize with the varied interests of our stakeholders, and work together to address issues that provide safe and effective onsite wastewater management.

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The WCOWMA continues to grow, with its membership of onsite wastewater professionals increasing year over year.

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The Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association provides an excellent industry training program for Onsite Wastewater Practitioners. This training is recognized by Saskatchewan Ministry of Health as well as in the Western Provinces through the New West Partnership Agreement (formerly TILMA) and federally through the Agreement on International Trade.


SOWMA provides resources to homeowners including information on the regulatory framework in their Province, what questions to ask your contractor, common design and installation practices, and proper operation and maintenance practices. 

Work Camps/Drill Sites

The guidance document Sewage Handling Practices at Work Camps and Temporary Work Sites details acceptable site and soil evaluation criteria for temporary work camps and rig sites that recognizes the challenges of winter installation and short-term use.


SOWMA provides a listing of those working in the onsite wastewater (private sewage, septic systems) registered with the program.  Information includes the region the person works in, their scope of work, contact information, and certification status. 

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